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McBride Marketing Paper Jarvis Jenkins BSA/310 12-10-10 Mona Ristovv McBride Marketing Paper Introduction McBride Financial Service is a mortgage lender based out of Boise, Idaho. The goal of the company is to develop into most brilliant cost mortgage contributor by utilizing modern technology while keeping interest rates low. McBride always wishes to increase its current growth by expanding into five additional states Montana, North Dakota, Idaho, South Dakota and Wyoming. McBride will also strive toward improving the standard of the company with the traditional loans for purchasing and refinancing homes such as FHA and VA. The company has also plotted to actually make money with in its first year of…show more content…
By using online and offline media sources in cooperation, McBride can place advertising in both the local and international market. It would be to the advantage of the company to use television, as well as an electronic media source to advertise the services and conveniences that they are offering the customers. When it comes to offline media sources the company could use radio, newspapers, financial magazines, pamphlets, corporate magazines, etc. In addition McBride could use advertising campaigns in corporate fairs and events. Furthermore supplementary approaches and sources to be tapped could be public seminars, trade shows, or house shows. One of the biggest ways to get acknowledgment on the international level is through use of the internet and the World Wide Web. By implementing online marketing methods the company can reach out to customers that are beyond the native boundaries. McBride should also consider supplying grocery stores and shopping markets with brochures. By using all of these media tools the company can represent itself in an enhanced matter and leave a positive impression on customers. Target Market to be chose by McBride's McBride Financial Services’ primary focus should reside on families as well as persons who are qualified and that can clear the criteria to be awarded a mortgage loan. Additionally, the company can aim for retired individuals and other small business owners. Extra

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