Mcbride's Characters In The Color Of Water By James Mcbride

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In the book The Color of Water, the author, James McBride not only takes us through his own journey, but also gives us a perspective on the life of his mother, Ruth. James’ admiration for his mom reflects throughout the story while showing the readers the growth and development her character experienced as she went through life. Ruth McBride-Jordan endured many heartbreaking hardships throughout her life, but nevertheless, had an innumerable amount of cheerful and zestful moments. She grew to be a remarkable woman; however, it was a long journey before she became that woman. Separating from her family, and leaving the South was one of the hardest choices she ever made, yet it was best for her, in order to move on and adjust her future for the better. A main factor in Ruth’s life prosperity was her first husband, Andrew Dennis McBride, who taught her many important things and, in a sense, changed her entire lifestyle and outlook on the world. The last large impression that altered her life immensely in a way that led her character to mature, was the death of her beloved “Dennis”. These elements all highlight a point in this woman’s life that caused a development in her personality.
In her younger years, being a part of the Shilsky family was no easy task for Ruth. In those times, her father, Fishel, was a heartless man with no sense of appreciation or love for his faithful and obedient Jewish family. In fact, Fishel was so cruel to his three children that Ruth reports having

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