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Marketing Definition:
Identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs profitably.
Life Cycle Definition:
The product life cycle is the measurement of the products portfolio to measure the different stages of success.

McCain Foods makes chips which are well known globally. They are the leading manufacturer of frozen potato products with a market share of around 33%. They currently have 57 locations worldwide. McCain has always been focused on providing quality and convenience of its product range. They have been very innovative over the past few years in developing healthier versions of their products to suit new markets/consumer changes.

McCain uses a marketing mix to ensure that they achieve their marketing
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Changes in the range are driven by a number of different factors. For example, microwaveable snacks take account of changing lifestyles, where people are looking for food that does not take long to prepare. McCain has also been responsive to market needs for healthier options and its products support the government’s Change4life campaign. This encourages people to ‘Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer’.
The company’s philosophy supports the ‘calories in/calories out’ principle. This states that to maintain a healthy weight, calories consumed should not exceed calories used. This also forms part of the ‘It’s All Good’ message – not only does McCain food taste good, but it fits in with current thinking on healthy diets. McCain now only uses sunflower oil in the preparation of its chips. It knows that customers want to eat healthily without compromising on taste and it is careful to use wholesome ingredients in its products. Having a wide range including healthier options, such as Oven Chips, as well as products developed for taste, e.g. Wedges, means the company can meet different consumer needs for different meal occasions.
To protect quality throughout the whole supply chain, McCain manages its own potato seed development. After specially selecting the seeds, McCain works closely with around 300 farmers to ensure the potatoes are grown to a high standard and harvested at their peak. Only the best potatoes are chosen to make McCain chips and
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