Mccarthyism And The Red Scare

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The Vietnam War was a controversial subject on its own, however on May 4th, 1970, the tense relationship between young adults and governmental authority would reach a peak frequency, when the National Guard opened fire on college students in Ohio. Some of the students were protesting, even to a violent point, by throwing rocks and yelling at the Guardsmen. Others were simply carrying on with their lives, at a time where the war was expanding, not only across Asia, but across American classrooms and schools. In 1970, the Vietnam War (although never officially a war) was in its last five years. McCarthyism and the Red Scare, which had reached its peak in the 1950s, had left its mark on the American public and government, with a fear of…show more content…
Protesters had lost their faith in Nixon’s ability to keep his promise of ending the war. Years into the conflict, when he decided to expand into Cambodia, the protesters were outraged. The Vietnam War was costing lives and money, and no one knew exactly what they were supposed to be fighting for, and if the United States was winning. They were incredibly confused, because they had been led to believe the war would be brief against an inferior opponent, such as the North Vietnamese. At home, the draft was drawing more and more young men away from their lives into an uncertain future, and college deferments had been ended. After 15 years, people were angry and tired of this conflict, and they lost trust in Nixon, with his continual misleading of the public. They wanted it to end, and many had trusted Nixon with that endeavor, when he had run for president on the promise of ending the war. However, instead of keeping his campaign promise, he grew the war’s size to include more boundaries, and with that, more American soldiers. The dissenters of his administration felt voiceless and angry. This tension would boil up, into the events of May 4th, 1970. Jon Witwer was a graduate assistant at Kent State University, he was walking across a hill, and he was almost shot by the National Guard. He is now in his 70s. He is quiet, sarcastic, and has a slight lisp that slur his words from the teeth lost when he
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