Mccarthyism Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is an allegory novella describing and revealing what Orwell thought wrong with how Russia went from it's previous form of ideology to communism.

Old Major is the oldest and most well respected of the pigs on the farm. At the beginning of the book, Old Major tells all animals of the farm about a strange dream he had that all the animals were equal and kept what they produced. He explains that animals do not need to live short lives where they are starved and only kept to produce. He then claims that man is the only creature who consumes without producing.

Old Major and his strange dream represent Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto. Karl marx presented the evils of feudalism and capitalism, and inspired the idealistic world
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Rather than trying to influence and gain consent from the other animals through energetic speeches, he secretly raises himself a well trained army of puppies. He then used them to put his goals in work, no matter how rough, ruthless or unreasonable his means were. Napoleon represents Josef Stalin. The puppies represented the KGB.

Squelar is the pig who always spreads persuasive messages that support the leader's goals. He announces changes in the rules or reinvents history to confuse other animals. Squealer could represent to the Communist newspaper, Pravda, which was the official voice of the Communist party in the 1930s which was used to keep the public calm and under control with it's misleading messages.

Through Squealer is Orwell's strongest way of showing how language can reflect power. Squealer's function in controlling the printed word and the spoken word is critcally important.

Satire is a more effective form of critique because through humor and parallelism, it is realized the kind of absurdity a subject has more than what would be recognized if we were just given average, regular data.

I think Orwell's use of allegory rhetorically is successful because it got a message, history and more info across through a different means that was more interesting, understandable and in a way nutshelled through a near satire, fictious
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