Mcculloch Medical Calf Aspirator Case Study

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The McCulloch Medical Calf Aspirator/Resuscitator Kit has been saving newborn calves for sixteen years (McCulloch Medical, 2015). This kit includes a resuscitator, aspirator mask, carrying case, and easy to follow instructions. These instructions include illustrations for the undereducated population. The resuscitator is hand-pumped for simplicity when a newborn calf is unresponsive. This pump stimulates breathing, while drawing mucus out of the airway (McCulloch Medical, 2015). Multiple universities including University of Guelph, Ontario in Canada, and the Royal Veterinary College in the United Kingdom have assessed the Aspirator, praising the product. MAI Animal Health is located is Elmwood Wisconsin, where the product is manufactured,…show more content…
British Columbia, Canada exports a lot of products from the west coast (Agrifoods, 2015). China receives an average of $71.3 million worth of export products from British Columbia. Nepal is located right beside China, so once the product has reached China the majority of the journey is over (Agrifoods, 2015). Nepal’s main transport strategy is using highways to bring goods to markets. Trucks from China bring the products to Nepal, where smaller transport services take the goods to local markets (Woodburn et al., 2008). Considering the Trans-Asian railway network does not run through Nepal, trucking goods on highways is the only option (Woodburn et al., 2008). Cattle farmers generally live in the Central Terai region of Nepal, and would travel to a local market in order to purchase the resuscitator (Chapagain, 2015). In order for products to be shipped from Canada, they must be reviewed by Border Services (Canadian Border Services Agency, 2015). When transporting freight by ship, a report of exporting goods is required 48 hours prior to the loading time. This is reported at any export office along the sea borders or inland. Once the products have been shipped, a Certificate of Origin is due to the company that receives the products (Canadian Border Services Agency, 2015). Carrier codes also confirm legal custody of the vessel (Shipping Federation, 2015). The Canadian government does provide financial assistance for
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