Mcdodalds Segmentation

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Segmentation, Targeting and positioning model of Mcdonalds Segmentation, Targeting and positioning Model of McDonalds: In order to develop a marketing strategy, it is very important for company to understand its target customers. If the company can understand its customer then only it can communicate itself to their consumer Market. Better you know about your consumers, more effectively you could communicate and market them. McDonalds has segmented their products according to bases of Demographic, Psychographic and Behavioral. They have segmented their products and positioned their products according to kids, students and family. But they haven’t segmented their products according to the Adult target group. Also they haven’t started…show more content…
3) Behavioral segmentation: Occasions, for e.g. Birthday Parties of kids McDonalds can get more customers by whom they can get most of the share of India Fast Food Industry but they should emphasis on their Targeting technique. To Get a Sustainable Advantage over their competitors McDonalds should introduce new as well as modified products which contains low cholesterol content in it. McDonalds has so much upcoming competition in Indian market that it should concentrate on Differentiation of its products increase its market size by implementing penetration pricing technique in which they should introduce the product with a lower price even lower than the market substitute’s price. By this they can they can associate with their marketing objectives and can increase their sales and total revenue even in future. They should apply new positioning technique to create a new image in the minds of consumer about McDonald a place with healthy variants. McDonalds should observe present approach which they are following and subsequent the current advertising with healthy messages. This can be done by adding a more organized and expertise team which can work on healthy mindful advertisement. There advertising should contain all the benefits and healthy qualities about the products McDonalds is offering. Positioning is a process of creating an image in the mind of consumers by which consumers can understand the uniqueness about your product when compared to

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