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ASSEMBLE MADE FOR YOU Inspecting assembled products for appearance and taste : * For hot products, make sure they have been in the Heated Landing Zone(HLZ) for 1 minutes. * Unwrap or open the product’s wrap, check to see if the product has the following characteristics : -products look appetizing. - it is neatly and correctly dressed, with tender loving care. - it is not crushed or abused. -it does not have condiments on wrap, box or bowl. Inspecting assembled products for temperature : * Always cook and hold products to meet food safety standards. Monitor food safety of products from the universal holding cabinet (UHC). Keep in mind that regular menu cooked products in the UHC must be held at 140°F (60°C) or above.…show more content…
| Cooking | Raw chicken must cooked at internal temperature at or above 74°c.Raw beef must cooked at internal temperature at or above 69°c.Raw fish must cooked at internal temperature at or above 71°c | Hot holding | Cooked food must be held at temperature that is or above 60°c. | Food storage | Cold foods must be held at temperature stored at or below 4°c.Food must be covered or wrapped.All primary and secondary shelves life must be adhered to. | Deliveries | Frozen products must be solidly frozen.Refrigerated product temperatures must be at or below 4°c. | Crew member health and hygiene | Must appear clean,healthyMust practice good personal hygiene. | Handwashing | Must wash their hands at appropriate times with McD Antibacterial handwash (AMH) and hourly using hand washing system. | Sanitation | All food equipment must be cleaned and sanitized at required frequencies.Pest prevention process must be in place. | Food safety checks | A food safety daily checklist must be completed every day and kept on file for a minimum of 60 days. | Training | All managers must be
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