Mcdonald Marketing Research Proposal

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Situation: The McDonalds Corporation has to be continually aware of its consumer behavior, their eating habits, as well as the situation and the trends in the market in order to understand if there is a need of any changes in their marketing strategy. Any important modifications in the marketing activities of the company have to be backed up by legitimate research. The introduction of new products, decisions on whether to invest more in certain channels of distribution, change of features of the product, advertising or pricing strategies have to be backed up by evidence based on the results of continuous marketing research. In the case of a big corporation like McDonald’s, the marketing research reports should answer lots of consumer…show more content…
O5. (Related to Q16, Q17, Q18) To collect secondary data about the USA fast-food restaurant business, in order to determine McDonald’s market share, which are its competitors, and what changes have they done in their marketing strategies. O6. (Related to Q11) To collect secondary data about changes in eating trends in the USA. Research design: This continuous study is a descriptive one, though it encompasses characteristics of the exploratory research. The study will be descriptive to the extent that it creates data structures that describe the existing characteristics of the marketing situation at McDonalds. It will collect data about customer attitudes, purchasing behavior, customer satisfaction, competition and other marketing issues that will allow the decision maker to understand consumer behavior and identify trends that might suggest changes needed in the marketing strategies. At the same time, the study will posses characteristics of the exploratory research design as it will collect and classify data about sales statistics in order to observe fluctuations and purchasing patterns in terms of sales pick, costumer preference of product and product combination, preference of location, etc. Observational research will be also conducted as much information can be inferred by simply observing the consumers and analyzing the actual product. Specific Instrumentation: McDonalds is a very big corporation

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