Mcdonald 's A Fast Food Hamburger Chain

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(“McDonald’s Wordmark”) (“McDonald’s Prix”) (“Nos Menus”) By: Austin Gardner 2-1 January 28, 2015 Ms. Chalmers Introduction McDonald’s is a multinational fast-food hamburger chain. The company was founded in 1940 by two brothers named Maurice and Richard McDonald (“McDonald’s”). McDonald’s currently has over 35,000 restaurants and serve over 68 million customers a day on average (“History of”). The fast-food giant makes 28 billion dollars annually, and are the largest fast-food chain in the world (“McDonald’s”). That calculates to 75 million dollars a day, which is unreal. This paper will examine the working conditions of the employees. (“McDonald’s Across the World”) History In 1937 Richard and Maurice’s father decided to open a food stand as a hobby (“History of”). Orange juice and hamburgers were sold below market price (“History of”) In fact, burgers were originally sold for only 15 cents (Gilbert, 8). After three years, the two brothers realized that their father’s business was actually very profitable. Richard and Maurice decided to lease a building and open up a drive-in restaurant, to make larger production possible; they named it “McDonald’s Bar-B-Q” and the soon to be fast-food giant had begun (“History of”). The restaurant the brothers opened was a drive-in, and was an instant hit. In 1948, the McDonald brothers decided that it was time to open a sit-down restaurant in which their main priority was efficiency (“History
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