Mcdonald 's A Fast Food Restaurants Essay

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Although many people visit fast-food restaurants every day, they may be unaware of the detailed thought that is made towards the structuring of the business and its employees. Many times, we are on a constant rush to purchase our food and to quickly leave. Within the last few years, restaurants have taken a note of this, and have even developed what is known as the ‘Drive-Thru’. In today’s modern society, one thing people seem to be short of is time. We go in restaurants and literally expect ‘fast’ food. Restaurants like McDonald’s have developed ways to decrease the amount of time for which people have to wait for food; thus catching the attention of many Americans going about their day with limited time. McDonald’s developed innovative ways to configure the methods for which its food should be made. Their developments are what have placed them in the top spot, where today their franchises are globally recognized. Today they hold the record for the largest chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants in the world. McDonald’s was originally founded by two brothers named Dick and Mac McDonald. Having observed their method of food production, Ray Kroc now owner of McDonalds, was stunned by their effectiveness. The brothers had developed a system of concentrating on only a few items—hamburgers, fries and drinks.
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