Mcdonald 's As A Global Food Empire

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1. What major organizational behaviour issues are multinational corporations facing currently and in the near future? Select either McDonald’s OR Subway OR another well known multinational corporation with a high profile in Australia for your answer. Ground your responses in relevant behavioural theories.
Multinational Corporations are large corporations that produce and sell goods or services in various countries. McDonald’s as a global food empire is facing major organizational behavioural issues. McDonald’s must tackle staff diversity, low retention rates and the motivation of workers.
McDonald’s needs to address the diversity of their workplace. This global empire needs to be inclusive of nationality, culture, religion, education, and socioeconomic status. Different nations may have varied behavioural norms and values. Focusing on education, employees from nation to nation have varied levels of knowledge and qualifications. Often, McDonald’s employees view the job as a stopgap arrangement until they can find a higher paying job. Due to this largely rampant non-committal approach of the more educated staff members, there is a low retention rate and retraining staff on a constant basis is expensive and appropriate long term staff members can be difficult to acquire (Harris, 2009). According to the Path-Goal Theory, tasks such as those undertaken by McDonald’s employees which are repetitive, undemanding, routine and mechanical, tend to bread unsatisfied group members who
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