Mcdonald 's Brand Image And Marketing Tactics

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“I’m lovin’ it” are the words synonyms with McDonald’s, the world’s most recognized and profitable food chain over the past 75 years. Their continued success over this time span and ability to stay at the top shows that people are, well, really loving it. However, recent research shows that over the past year the population is not loving it quite as much. In fact, for the first time in it’s history, McDonald’s has posted a decrease in sales for twelve months in a row. With social movements towards healthy and fresh food trends, McDonald’s has been pinned as the posterchild for unhealthy and processed cuisine. While they still top the world’s leaderboard of restaurant sales, this steady decline is something that needs to be examined and dealt with so the company can reach continued success and longevity. In order to improve this weakened image one must examine McDonald’s brand image and marketing tactics. By determining what the problem is they could possibly reposition themselves and get back to the top of the food world.
In order to develop a plan for McDonald’s the first step has to be identifying the issues at at hand. Although customers have rarely had a problem with the taste of McDonald’s products, they are starting to take a more critical eye to the nutritional value and production process of the menu items. It is well known fact that food items from McDonald’s have very high calorie numbers, a large amount of fat and can lead to life threatening illnesses such as
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