Mcdonald 's Global Supply Chain

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-- In 2002, McDonald 's global supply chains purchased more than $460 million in recycled packaging materials. Products with recycled content vary by market and may include carryout bags, napkins, drink carriers, trayliners, shipping containers, and some types of folding cartons. In all, they involve a mixture of post-consumer and pre-consumer materials, with a strong preference for post-consumer.
-- Globally, packaging materials were reduced by approximately 35 million pounds.
Case summary and relevance

The McDonald’s Corporation is one of the most successful global restaurant chains around the world. They have used effective management and global expansion strategies to enter and gain a share of the foreign market.

So how has
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It was by competing in international markets. One reason why they succeeded so well was the way they were flexible and adapted their business in other countries. This called for heavy research and development. They needed to come up with a way to fulfill the tastes of residents in every country it operates. The McDonald 's in the United States is much different than the McDonald 's in China, Japan, and India. McDonald’s transforms their menus to reflect the flavor and traditions of each country in which they have restaurants. They definitely gained respect from people all around the world because they are committed to take the time to customize their menu to fit each culture. They knew that if they wanted to increase the number of customers they had, they would have to offer diverse kinds of food that were preferred in specific cultures and religions. This does include a lot of in depth research, but it is something that has led them to great success. McDonalds has a way of thinking globally and acting locally.

Continuing on, McDonald’s sells Franchise licenses to firms that open restaurants under the McDonalds brand name. In the United States, the McDonald’s Corporation owns approximately 15% of McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. The rest is operated through franchise and joint venture agreements. Franchisors benefit from franchise agreements because they allow companies to grow much more rapidly than they could otherwise. A lack of funds and workers can cause a
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