Mcdonald 's Management Principles And Reward Systems

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McDonald’s is one of the most leading food service retailers in the world, with over 35,000 local restaurants in more than 100 countries. It 's renowned for its cheeseburgers, hamburgers, chicken products, breakfast meals, desserts, french fries and shakes. Maurice and Richard McDonald first established the business in 1940 in San Bernardino, California and in 1954 Ray Kroc joined, where they built the business into the most successful food chain and has become the most loved fast food brand around the globe. The businesses popularity is undeniable as anyone is most likely going to recognise the famous golden arches. “Wherever you go in the world, you can be sure you’ll spot that big yellow M” (Cara C, 2013). McDonald exhibits many…show more content…
50). In saying that, McDonald has spent more than $40 million on training crew, managers and corporate employees. At McDonald, each crew member goes through certain training before entering the work force and soon after placed in care of crew trainers to work shoulder-to-shoulder with them. There are also opportunities where employees can move up a level to management, which involves seminars and courses. After the primary training period, all employees receive ongoing training. For those employees who are much more serious, McDonald offers extensive training at their Hamburger University. Taylor also believes that “non-incentive wage systems encourage low productivity if the employee will receive the same pay regardless of how much is produced” (NetMBA 2014). McDonald follows a “pay for performance” philosophy, where “the better your results, the greater the opportunity” (McDonald 2013). Although base pay doesn’t increase when you work hard, there are many benefits to working at McDonald’s. For example, employees who are hard-working and dedicated to their job McDonald’s offers many incentive programs with access to free or discounted meals, gift certificates, merchandises etc. Furthermore, McDonald also provides a cash bonus when performance meets and

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