Mcdonald 's Organizational Structure And Management

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Coursework Prepared by Martina Velikova McDonald’s Organisational Structure and Management McDonald’s is a leading American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. It is founded in 1940 as barbecue restaurant by Richard & Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Mc Donald’s is in the hospitality industry, owning more than 30 000 restaurant units around the world. In 1948 the two brothers started using production-line principles in their practice, which up to now are core element of the company’s heart. Thanks to this innovative practice, the company keeps growing since and today servers approximately 70 million people daily in 119 countries. McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world. Mc Donald’s is based in Oak Brook, Illinois and plan to move to Chicago by 2018. Today McDonald’s is publicly-traded corporation. Public corporation is a company whose possession is dispersed among the general public in many shares which are unreservedly exchanged on a stock trade or in over the counter markets. More than 70% of the retail branches are owned separately by independent owners with franchise agreements. ccc Diagram 1. The structure of an organisation is the sum total of the ways in which it divides its labour into distinct task and then achieves coordination among them. The company has Tall Functional Structure, because the tasks are grouped into departments based on similar skills and expertise. The tall structure
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