Mcdonald 's Research Proposal : Marketing Research

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McDonald’s Research Proposal
MKT202 – Marketing Research Essentials

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I. Statement of the Research Objectives 2
II. Study Design 2
III. Areas of Questioning 4
IV. Data Analysis 5
V. Limitations 6
VI. Personnel Involved 7
VII. Specifications and Assumptions 7
VIII. Services 7
IX. References 9

I. Statement of the Research Objectives McDonalds have been part of the community and among people’s lives’ for over 4.5 decades providing people with fast, efficient and affordable meals. McDonald’s currently have over 900 stores providing more than 90,000 job opportunities across 8 different cities around Australia (McDonald’s, 2016). McDonald’s priorities are to provide “trust and integrity” (McDonald’s, 2016) to each one of the 1 million customers that visit annually. Given the amount of customer turnover McDonald’s has each year, a customer satisfaction research objective has been implement along with a face-to-face customer satisfaction survey. These surveys will be given to the selected customers to provide their feedback and give an insight regarding their McDonald’s visit on the day.
II. Study Design
Sample and Sample Size
A sample is a selection or group of people elective for the purposes of experiment, observation and also to do research with as studying with…
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