Mcdonald 's Swot Analysis For Marketing Success

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The report clearly shows that McDonalds is achieving its success by listening to customers and fulfilling their needs. its recognized through more and more promotions and advertisements and also through its logo design which is a huge yellow M. McDonalds also keep in mind the customers need and by looking at it, they decide what to serve, what will be the price of the product, how to advertise its product and the location of the restaurant. Which will be more convenient to the customers McDonalds also identifies different types of customer and their needs through social media or the market research. And according to it they decide what to produce. And also finds out that how they can improve in employees, quality or the advertisement. It also conducts swot analysis for marketing success. McDonalds sets up their marketing strategies according to swot analysis. McDonalds started improving their menus according to their customers needs. And started introducing new products and minimizing the old ones without any change in turnover. Price is set according to customers and the awareness among the people for the brand. The price is set because people would feel that if its too low in price then its low in quality. McDonalds focuses mainly on promotions and advertising, as it increase the sales. It attracts children’s by giving out the toys with the happy meals. And it also looks and people comments and tries to improve it. And so by proper combination of
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