Mcdonald 's The International Market Essay

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Nowadays, we can see that there are so many companies that have grown globally and being so successful in the international market. What makes most of the companies can be as successful as today was not just only because of their products’ reputation, but also about how can those companies develop themselves by internationalized the companies in the international market. One example of a successful company that we can use in this case is McDonald’s, which people can find this fast food company around the world. Founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald, this company recently has more than 30,000 stores that can be found in more than 118 countries (James, 2009). The simple idea of using “fast-food serving system” as McDonald’s priority made this company developed widely. As a fact, McDonald’s idea was also solved the problem of preventing people to wait for a long time while waiting for their food in California, where McDonald’s firstly opened (Success Story, 2016). Yet, all those successful things that McDonald’s has recently will be possible without doing any effort to globalize itself in the wider and global market. There are also some risks that McDonald’s has to take in order to be as successful as today. Thus, this essay will explain about how McDonald’s internationalizes itself and what are the factors that make McDonald’s globalizes internationally. First of all, before explaining about how McDonald’s internationalizes itself, this essay will explain what does
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