Mcdonald 's Value Meals?

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McDonald’s Value Meals
Everyone knows about Mcdonalds and chances are they eat there multiple times in a short amount of time due to the cheap prices that they offer. The dollar menu attracts many people as well as the fact that you can get a complete meal for around six dollars. It’s cheap, fast, and you don’t have to cook. It’s even more convenient because they also offer a fast and easy pickup with drive thru. It’s laziness at it’s finest. There are many things that their ads fail to show everyone including how unhealthy their products really are. Ads focus on the appeal of the meal with it’s catchy slogans and food that looks absolutely perfect in the picture. What they don’t show is the nutrition facts of the meal. Big Macs are the
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The slogan is misleading on its own. Feeling good after consuming a sandwich that consists of three pieces of bread, two burgers, and fatty sauce is quite unlikely. In fact, most are left feeling bloated or overstuffed and sick. This meal itself exceeds recommended daily nutrition rates.
The average recommended calorie intake for a person is 1200 a day. Although everyone differs, a Big Mac is unhealthy for everyone. It contains 520 calories as well as 27g of fat. Thats almost half of your daily amount of calories in just one sandwich and that doesn’t include the fries and drink. A large side of french fries packs on another 510 calories and 24g of fat. Having that with a large coke takes it over the top with an extra 280 calories which is combined to equal 1,310 calories in just one meal. A lot of consumers don’t know these numbers which is why they continue to purchase such fatty foods. Of course this ignorance is due to the fact that the ad itself only promotes the looks of the food and not its contents. This is what McDonald 's does with all their advertisements including those promoting Happy Meals for kids. They use the toys to draw in kids because of course all children love toys.
Pathos is displayed in these ads, they target our attraction to the look of things. Many people base their opinions on the looks of things. The slogan is also apart of pathos as it grabs our attention based on the words “Fuel
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