Mcdonald‘S Business Strategy Essay

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(Hitt, A tri et al 2009, p.19)’ Basically, it indicate the basic and the main important factors of McDonald’s business is service. As the largest global quick service fast food restaurant chain, McDonald’s hope to expanding their business to every corner of the world. In realistic world, McDonald’s aim to concrete progress on the sustainable supply chain, environmental responsibility and employee experience. Though the mission of McDonald’s is quite difficult to achieve, it is doing a terrific job base on its global quick service chain.

4. Review of the McDonald’s current strategic position

Based on PESTLE analysis (See appendix2), McDonald’s is one of the largest quick service fast food restaurants, known as its international operation mode and global expanding strategy (Hitt,M tri et al 2009, p.19). Looking at McDonald’s political factor issues and economic factor, it can be seen that as a global fast food restaurant, the company is affected by the individual state policies enforced by different governments. Based on BBC news 2010, McDonald’s as a fast food company have been invited by the department of health to write government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease in November

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