Mcdonald's 10-K Sec Report

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McDonald’s 10-K SEC Report Intermediate Accounting III TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 2 Deferred Taxes 2-4 Permanent and Temporary Differences 4 Tax Provisions 5-6 Defined Benefit and Contribution Plans 6-7 Earnings Per Share 7-8 Share Based Compensation 8 Direct vs Indirect 8-9 Investing and Financing Activities 9 Noncash Transactions 9 Conclusion 9 Works Cited 10 Introduction In this report I will be reviewing McDonald’s 10-K SEC Filing for the year ending in December 31, 2015. This review will include items regarding their deferred taxes, tax provisions, earnings per share and investing and financing activities just to name a few. These type of items help investors determine how well a company is doing and if…show more content…
The value of a deferred tax asset is calculated by taking the financial reporting standards for book income and the jurisdictional tax authority’s rules for taxable income. (Investopedia. 2007) A deferred tax liability arises when a company’s balance
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