Mcdonalds : A Successful Company

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McDonalds is very successful company, established in 1954 by Ray Kroc. The primary conception of the business was to be a burger shop which after time turned into most recognisable fast food restaurants chain in the world. Company is present in 117 countries all over the world with more than 35 000 branches (McDonald’s website).
Although it is large and established company it does face some troubles which is recently trying to overcome. As generally known in today’s time people become more health and diet conscious. Healthy lifestyle and fitness are becoming more popular what makes people think about the nutrition values and quality of food they consume. Although McDonalds is called a restaurant, people know it as a fast food which always was known as an unhealthy, fattening, junk food. In last couple of years company tried to overcome unhealthy problems with some successes and filatures. Now days in the menu we can find, healthy smoothies and healthy breakfasts, but still year-after-year declines in revenue are recorded and year 2014 had the worst sale decline in a decade ( 09/2014). Company during the fight for a new image of the business ‘from fast food to good food fast’ decided to invest in technology, that lead to some organisational and structural changes within the organisation.
Recently introduced to the restaurants kiosks are becoming more popular and are driven by an idea of friendly way meals ordering. Although this is nothing new in the
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