Mcdonald's AFI Strategy Framework

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To sum their strategic analysis, it is clear that McDonald’s embodies the effective use of the AFI Strategy Framework (Chapter 1 ppt, page 5) from start to finish. See below diagram:

From Ray developing the strategy of his unique business model, to controlling it through organizational design of franchising to developing unique global strategies for competing on a global scale. This is a wonderful example of having a carefully thought out plan and executing such a plan that has enabled McDonald’s to gain and sustain competitive advantage for the past decades. All the aforementioned strategies have contributed to their rapid growth and high profits placing them at number one for the most successful fast food restaurant and franchisees in the world ahead of its top three competitors: Doctor’s Associates Inc., Yum Brand, Inc. and Burger King Worldwide, Inc. (Hoovers & Business Insider). McDonald’s has been able to differentiate itself as the burger giant serving its signature Big Mac hamburger and as an affordable fast food restaurant despite the emergence of several hamburger restaurants. For these aforementioned strategic decisions, McDonald’s continues to reap the reward of the retail industry and separates itself from its competitors including those who try to substitute its products. What this company has done is truly remarkable. Ray saw a unique business opportunity that had never been previously attempted. Not only did Ray Kroc had a genius idea, but a carefully

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