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Final Report | March 29 2010 | | | Strategy and Key HR Challenges Organisation’s Background One of our group members currently holds a position at a McDonalds franchise on the Gold Coast. As a team we have collectively decided to take full advantage of this connection, and establish a sponsorship agreement with the Coolangatta Store. This store is one of four that the owner Michelle and Peter Orton own and run; Marina Mirage, Burleigh Heads, Coolangatta and Tweed Centro these four stores currently make up the over 780 McDonalds franchises Australia wide employing around 85,000 people. The Coolangatta store we will be focusing on consists of six fulltime managers, an area co-ordinator, six crew trainers and 28 crew members The…show more content…
Crew members are provided with all the on-the-job training they require to fulfil their roles. Should they wish to and demonstrate a good understanding they are always offered promotion pathways. This includes undertaking a crew trainer development program – otherwise known as a CTDP. This allows them to demonstrate to managers that they are willing and able to take on more responsibility and help managers run shift. Essentially they can grow and develop and even go as far as store manager if they wish to pursue that career path. Human Resource Challenges McDonalds has been operating for over 55 years so clearly without too much more information it is safe to say that it is a successful business. In saying that even McDonalds is faced with human resource issues. With respect to the Coolangatta store the three main challenges that we could identify after speaking with our sponsor were the following: 1) Turnover: Generally within the first two months employees are quitting. Annually they are experiencing a 60% turnover and that’s too high. The store is located on Marine Parade straight across from the beach, which plays host to many surfing events and competitions; like the Quicksilver Pro. During these busy periods it
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