Mcdonald's Business and Corporate Startegies Essays

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McDonald’s Corporation Business Strategy
Customers are the foundation of successful business-level strategies and Levels should never be taken for granted. When selecting a business-level strategy the firm determines: 1. Who will be served, 2. What needs those target customers have that it will satisfy, and 3. How those needs will be satisfied.

McDonald’s answers to these 3 questions were: 1. People of various ages globally, 2. A quick, delicious, and non-expensive meal, 3. They offer a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, snacks, and drinks for adults and children in various places around the world.

Since McDonald’s operates in 119 countries on 6 different continents they have different food selections for most,
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Market penetration is seeking increased market share for present products or services in present markets through greater marketing efforts. McDonald’s implements this frequently with their monopoly game and their millions they spend in promotions aimed at convincing customers it offers healthy items.

Market development is introducing present products into new geographic areas. Mc Donald’s is a pro at this with the 119 different country locations on 6 different continents.

Product development is seeking increased sales by improving present products or services or by developing new ones. In most areas you can find at least 1 McDonald’s that is open for 24 hours which has increased those McDonald’s revenue by 7%. McDonald’s has a lot of doors they can open for product development, for example they could make turkey, ham, and other lunch meat sandwiches, pizza, Mexican, and Italian foods.

Related diversification is adding new but related products or services. McDonald’s recently added the new Angus burger to their menu. The Angus burger was one thing certain competitors had that McDonald’s didn’t; now that they do I think they will become more of a threat to their competitors. Risk & Opportunities
Of course with any business you are at risk. The economy could fall and create hardships for customers and businesses to stay afloat.

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