Mcdonalds Edwardsville, Il Location

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The purpose of this summary is to show what was researched after completing and analyzing the results from the McDonalds Edwardsville, Il location. Most of the results showed satisfaction in our store. However, one of the five surveys taken showed a dissatisfaction in the location. This may seem alarming, being only that this individual showed dissatisfaction can mean they may not think highly of McDonald’s in the first place. Others relatively showed the same satisfaction towards the quality of service and entrées. Three out of the five individuals showed they would visit the location again. This may show they are regulars and they would still continue to come to this location, or they were completely satisfied to return again. For the two other dissatisfied customers will be an area of focus on improving this location. We will look into this as in cleanliness of the store, employee presence and helpfulness to customers. One individual who decided not to provide anymore information could have been a visiting customer who we can take into consideration. We may see regulars as not noticing the flaws in the location because they are constantly coming in and ignoring details. We also noticed cleanliness was all relatively the same through all individuals. Analyzing the results, cleanliness and customer satisfaction will be our main focus on improvements. Customers who would visit the location showed interest in returning to this location which can mean steady

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