Mcdonalds Ethical Issues

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Originally founded in 1954 as a hamburger stand in California, McDonalds is a multinational fast food retailer with presence in over 100 countries (McDonalds, n.d.). The fast food giant was started by Richard and Maurice McDonald, who opened a hot dog stand, which later became a drive-in barbeque restaurant in 1940. As time went by, they eventually initiated what would become the concept of fast food around the world. The McDonalds brothers sold part of the franchise in 1954, which had already evolved into a hamburger joint in 1948, to businessman Ray Kroc. During the following 5 years, Kroc expanded the business, opening 200 more locations and finally buying the whole company from the McDonalds in 1961, for 2.7 million dollars. (Dunlap,…show more content…
According to a CBC report (Tomlinson, 2014), a number of the restaurant’s franchises were found to be violating the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. One of the conditions of said program is that if even one Canadian worker applies for a job, they have to be hired before any foreign worker can be considered. In the mentioned case, the restaurants turned down more than 50 applicants and instead reserved the jobs for Filipino workers who had not yet arrived in Canada. McDonald’s is a very powerful company whose actions heavily influence people all throughout their supply chain, from the farmers who produce their beef to the employees that sell their burgers. Considering their worldwide workforce, they are the second largest employer in the private sector, only behind Walmart (McCarthy, 2015). This means that their actions not only can benefit society, such as when they create jobs, but they can also have a negative impact, such as when they underpay workers. Their sales also strongly depend on how the world perceives them. If there is a controversy surrounding them, their sales can be affected, which in turn may affect their multiple stakeholders. Thus, it is in their best interest to react accordingly in order to project a certain image that helps the
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