Mcdonalds Executive Summary

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Executive Summary: McDonald’s Corporation (Abridged)
McDonald’s development from its first drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California, to the famous fast food giant was based on the perfection of its operations - the recipe for its success and growth. Its operating system is characterized by focusing on uniformity for consistent quality, the formation of partner relationship with its franchises and supplier to improve operating system innovatively and last but not least the introduction of new products. With its steady drive for improvement and consistently high quality,
McDonald’s revolutionized the entire supply chain. Instead of regimenting its supplier and franchisees,
McDonald’s expected commitment from them in terms of
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All these factors are not in line with the existent nature of McDonald's premises and business model. Thus, it is recommendable to
McDonald's to extend its operating hours to 24 hours a day to cater late-night activist, especially in big cities. Additionally, McDonald's could acquire dining specialists or consultants who could help McDonald's to penetrate into the dinner market without risking its existing business model for fast food while benefiting from the profit arising from investing in established dinner specialists.
After successfully coped with the mentioned hurdles, McDonald’s did not interpret the rising call for protecting the world’s environment as a threat, but as another opportunity and soon implemented a responsible environmental policy into its evolving operations strategy. Moreover, though, McDonald's could show further support by using environmental friendly material and solar-energy heater, introducing healthier food as well as sponsoring environmental protection events. All these efforts not only can enhance McDonald's image on the one hand but also can boost its sales and reduce operating costs on the other.
All in all, the case has shown that although McDonald’s needed to adopt to certain industry changes in order to sustain its market position, it still offers its standardized core products and benefits from its wellstructured operating system, making it to the McDonald’s which everybody is familiar
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