Mcdonald's Happy Meal Image Advertisement : The Ad Of Mcdonalds

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McDonald’s was created in April 15, 1955 at Illinois, Chicago by Ray Kroc who is known for being a seller of Prince Castle brand. However, in 1979, McDonald’s open their first Happy Meal which was a small box with designs of hamburger, cheeseburger, and French fries in colors of red, green, and other colors. It specifically targets kids mind because kids at a young age are attracted to bright colors. McDonald’s companies knew this and they began the Happy Meal. McDonald’s Happy Meal image advertisement convince boys to buy blue toys and girls to buy pink toys.
McDonald’s marketers convince ethnicity groups especially by showing images in advertisements to boys and girls in a young age in their specific color of choice. For instance, “"McDonald's is typically strong among Hispanic consumers because kids are an important member of the dining party, more so than in general-market consumers’, and, ‘Hispanic families are also more likely to eat with others in the restaurant as a "dining occasion vs. a fuel stop, than are general-market consumers’”, according to Bob Sandelman, president of restaurant researcher Sandelman & Associates. This means that marketers from McDonald’s knows that a Hispanic family place special importance to their children more than themselves; therefore, marketers of McDonald’s tries to convince them through advertisement that includes Spanish characters in case if kids or parents does not fully understand the English language. It also seems that
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