Mcdonald's Hr Issues

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Alexsandra Simoes
MAN3301 Professor Wendy Powell
Due date: October 6, 2010

McDonald’s Human Resources Management Issues One of the reasons for the success of McDonald’s lies with the human resource management. McDonald’s started in 1937 when the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald opened a small family restaurant selling hamburgers and hot dogs in San Bernardino, California. Today McDonald’s became the world’s largest fast food service company with more than 32,000 restaurants and 1.7 million employees around the world. Besides emphasizing the values of the company for high quality food, fast service, clean environment and low prices, what was the secret of human resource management in order for McDonald’s to attain such fame? It is
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Another role of McDonalds’human resource management is providing employees with proper training to achieve high standards in the organization. The training period for a crew member is three months and for others it is one month or10-15 days. Training contributes to a company’s success, helping the company to achieve its business strategy and helping the employees to master the knowledge, skill and behavior. Employees can understand their role in the company better and apply what was learned to their day-to-day activities. “Giving employees opportunities to learn and develop creates a positive work environment, which supports the business strategy by attracting talented people as well as motivating and retaining current employees ” (Noe, 266). McDonald’s uses different methods for training its employees. Once the employee is selected, he needs to pass the orientation process which provides new employees with basic background information they need to perform their job satisfactorily. McDonald’s hands the new employees with a book of instructions and general information such as working hours, performance reviews, (yes, McDonalds’ human resource management
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