Mcdonalds Is A Tangible Service

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I visited McDonalds the other day, and since my friend and I did not have anything better to do, I took the opportunity to observe, and to see just how well McDonalds handles their business. McDonalds is a tangible service meaning the service they provide is able to be seen or touched. However even though their main priority is to provide food items, there are a few intangible services that are offered. Services such as order taking, food prep, making transactions, cleaning, electric, and Wi-Fi are all examples of intangible services that a fast food place such as McDonalds might offer. Since we were at McDonalds we placed our orders before we started our observations. We received our food and sat down. Now it was time. We had a brief…show more content…
One thing that McDonalds did have going for them was that their service is speedy fast, has to be one of the fastest, fast food restaurants around. They were very effective at delivering their food to customers inside and at the drive thru. The most anyone waited was may be two minutes, which isn’t bad for receiving a hot meal. Other than the yelling the kitchen was very efficient. And honestly it is hard to tell what the yelling was about, maybe it was loud back there, but it does give a negative experience what trying to enjoy a meal. The front end of the restaurant kept the flow of customers running smoothly. Which is a good thing because the target market of McDonalds is people who are in a hurry or people who want a cheap meal. The service was prompt and at any given part of the process at McDonalds one would imagine never spending more than a minute at most of the process parts. As discussed earlier with the Chicken Griddle, some of the staff is not completely aware of all of the items provided by the store. However, others were and the lack of knowledge by one employee could not be representative of all, and that one employee might have been fairly new to the job, we really do not know. I feel as though McDonalds follows a script for the most part when helping customers. This is especially true in the drive thru. They typically say some along the lines of “Welcome to McDonalds, order whenever you are ready.” Inside you may get a more direct approach like “What

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