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Summarize In the case study, the three significant reasons that had caused the market issue of McDonald’s from 1990s to 2003s were lack of preparation before the expansion, underestimate the competition, and fail to recognize the consumer demands. First, McDonald’s aggressively and rapidly expanded their business oversea without preparation, which led them to a wrong direction and lost focus. In addition, all the new employees weren’t trained well enough thus caused the decrease in quality of customer service, their products, and the sanitation. Second, while McDonald’s was solving their problems after the expansion, many new competitors have emerged during the gap. Third, the change of customer tastes was also a big issue that they…show more content…
McDonald’s has 14 different kinds of language on their package which includes English, Chinese, German, Arabic, French and almost all the language that on the earth. In addition, McDonald’s meet the first stage of their whole new image and slogan: “What we’re made of.” in 2008, and the concept of this promotion was to let consumers know that how their products are made and they also redesign their packaging to feature this slogan. Later in 2008, they changed their menu boards with warmer color and add more vivid photos to show their products on plates and drinks in glasses. From 2009 to 2010, they launched their new packaging worldwide. For McDonald’s stock price, Q4 EPS of $1.38, $0.05 better than analyst estimate of $1.33 and up 4% from last year, moreover, they still planning to invest about $3.4 billion for the expansion and reinvest for the existing location in 2013. Recommendation For the recommendation, McDonald’s have to aware of the crisis they met fifteen years ago will come after them again since they announced that they will have more investment for expansion in 2013. McDonald’s must well prepare and training their new employees well enough before the expansion in order to prevent the consumers’ satisfaction for new restaurant will lower than the other competitors in the same area, which

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