Mcdonald's Marketing : The Marketing Mix Of Mcdonalds

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McDonald’s marketing mix or four P’s require a diverse approaches that meet business responsibility in different markets around the world. The marketing mix characterize the strategies and tactics a company uses to reach target customers. McDonald’s has corporate specification that its marketing mix execute globally. The company also uses some alteration of its marketing mix to correspond with the local conditions of markets. McDonald’s promotion focuses on print media in other countries where it is the most used. The company’s work in gaining its marketing mix contributes to the leading performance of the McDonald’s brand and business in the international fast food industry . McDonald’s cater mainly food and beverage products. This aspect of the marketing mix involves the goods and services that a company provides to its target customers. “McDonald’s product mix has the following main product lines, Hamburgers sandwiches, Chicken, fish, Salads Snacks, and sides ,Beverages, Desserts shakes, Breakfast All-day, and breakfast, McCafé” last accessed November 2017.McDonald’s restaurants are places where the company’s products are distributed. This component of the marketing mix shows that the locations where the company’s products are offered. McDonalds restaurants are found in 110+ countries and it operates more than 36,000 restaurants worldwide. Most McDonalds restaurants allow customers to drive through service with facilities such as indoor and outdoor seating and indoor

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