Mcdonald's Restaurants Influence on Hong Kong Culture

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The McDonald's Corporation is one of the world’s largest chain fast food restaurant, which is headquartered in the United States. It has expanded its business in 119 countries, including Hong Kong. The company mainly provides fast food such as hamburgers, french fries, chickens and soft drinks. McDonald’s started its business in Hong Kong in 1975. Now, the company already has 218 branches in Hong Kong. Our group would like to analyze how McDonald's Restaurants (HK) Ltd(McDonald's) maintained its sustainability of business in the past 38 years since it had already influenced lifestyle of most Hong Kong people and become part of the local culture of Hong Kong. Analysis of sustainability of McDonald's Economic Perspective McDonald’s is…show more content…
Since the main ingredient of bestseller of McDonald’s, hamburgers, is meat, the company needed a considerable supply of meat in order to handle the large demand from the customers. McDonald’s usually chooses area of tropical rainforests as cattle ranches. To begin with, workers needs to clear the forests, which results in loss of carbon sink. The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the carbon sink thus decreases. At the same time, cattle will emit greenhouse gases. A large scale of cattle ranching will definitely contribute to greenhouse effect, which harms the environment in long-term. Secondly, a large amount of greenhouse gases is produced during transportation of raw materials. McDonald’s adopts global sourcing and sources raw materials with the lowest price from foreign countries, raw materials are then transported to branches in different countries. This strategy contributes to carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission. Besides, the company serves its food with disposable tableware and containers, which encourages its customers to add burden to the environment. According to Green Sense, in 2006, McDonald’s produces more than 11million pieces of tableware every month. Take the breakfast set as an example, McDonald’s already produces nine pieces of tableware, like plastic tableware and styrofoam cup for hot drinks. These disposable tableware and containers do not only occupy space of landfill, but also are hardly decomposed, which means
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