Mcdonald's Risk

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Major risks and implications of those risks for the conduct of the audit.
Financing and market risk
The Company generally borrows on a long-term basis and is exposed to the impact of interest rate changes and foreign currency fluctuations. Debt obligations at December 31, 2007 totaled $9.3 billion, compared with $8.4 billion at December 31, 2006. The net increase in 2007 was primarily due to net issuances of $573 million and the impact of changes in exchange rates on foreign currency denominated debt of $342 million, partly offset by Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 133, Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities (SFAS No. 133) noncash fair value adjustments of $23 million.

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The Company believes the rating agency methodology for capitalizing leases requires certain adjustments. These adjustments include: excluding percent rents in excess of minimum rents; excluding certain Company-operated restaurant lease agreements outside the U.S. that are cancelable with minimal penalties (representing approximately 25% of Company-operated restaurant minimum rents outside the U.S., based on the Company’s estimate); capitalizing non-restaurant leases using a multiple of three times rent expense; and reducing total rent expense by a percentage of the annual minimum rent payments due to the Company from franchisees operating on leased sites. Based on this calculation, for credit analysis purposes, approximately $4 billion of future operating lease payments would be capitalized.
Certain of the Company’s debt obligations contain cross-acceleration provisions and restrictions on Company and subsidiary mortgages and the long-term debt of certain subsidiaries. There are no provisions in the Company’s debt obligations that would accelerate repayment of debt as a result of a change in credit ratings or a material adverse change in the Company’s business. The Company has approximately $7.3 billion of authority to issue debt securities, including debt securities registered on a U.S. shelf registration statement and in
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