Mcdonald's " Seniors" Restaurant

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1. McDonald's " Seniors" Restaurant Question: Evaluate Quinn McMahon's current strategy regarding senior citizens. Does this trip strategy improve this McDonald's image? What should she do about the senior citizen market--that is, should she encourage, ignore, or discourage her seniors? What should she do about the bingo idea? Response: The main focus on seniors has increased the amount of senior citizens within his restaurant. One concern is that most patrons come in and then leave however the seniors will often stay for a longer period of time. In addition, during special events between 100 hundred 50 seniors jam the McDonald's for the special offers and the seniors have steadily increased since then. The seniors often treat the…show more content…
The first thing that the company did was to sign me to a contract for one year which obligates me to pay for the whole year regardless if I use the facility are not. What the company has done to help strengthen and increase my odds of utilizing the facility is that they provide convenience and various programs to keep me coming back to the gym versus paying for but not utilizing the facility. Chapter 2, question 18: In your own words, explain several reasons why a marketing manager should consider international markets when evaluating possible opportunities: Response: International trading has increased all around the world and many of the barriers that used to exist have been reduced or eliminated making international trade more feasible and profitable. Internet exercise page 10: There is no Internet access exercise on page 10. Internet exercise page 46: Jeffrey Silverman, the founder of toddler University, recently started preschoolians, which specializes in shoes for preschool kids. Go to this [] and review the site to learn about the company concisely described its strategy: Response: The company has a very unique concept for customized children's shoes. I've never seen this type of focus on children's shoes or specialty which makes it a one-of-a-kind marketing idea. The
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