Mcdonald's Supply Chain

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Introduction Supply Chain is one of the critical factors for the smooth functioning of any business in the world. When talking about fast food restaurant or business, McDonald’s Supply Chain model is one of the highest precisions. It is this unmatched Supply Chain Structure, which not just ensures on time delivery of raw materials and supplies to McDonalds but also enables it to cut down on its cost and maximize profitability along with maintaining highest quality standards of its products. From the study done in India, the level of commitment of McDonald’s has been done even before it set up its first restaurant in the country. Most of the cost and resource is use to set up its delivery mechanism. McDonald’s initiative to set up an…show more content…
It also has the advantage as a one stop shop for all distribution management services, dry and cold storage facility to store and transport perishable products at temperatures up to -22 Degree Celsius, and effective process control for minimum distribution cost. As distribution centers, the company was responsible for procurement, the quality inspection program, storage, inventory management, deliveries to the restaurants and data collection, recording and reporting. Value added services like shredding of lettuce, re-packing of promotional items continued since then at the centers playing a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the products throughout the entire cold chain. Others Major Suppliers / Indirect Dynamix Dairy Industries (Supplier of Cheese) Dynamix has brought immense benefits to farmers by setting up a network of milk collection center equipped with bulk coolers. Their factory has fully automatic international standard processing facility. Other than that, it has the capability to convert milk into cheese, butter/ghee, skimmed milk powder, lactose, casein & whey protein and humanized baby food. It also has stringent quality control measures and continuous Research & Development. The cheese milk is store in one large stainless steel
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