Mcdonalds : The Best And Largest Fast Food Restaurant Chains Essay

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McDonalds’ is one of the best and largest fast food restaurant chains in all over world. They have 30,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. Their main object is to be best in fast food market rather than to be biggest restaurant chain in world. They served over one billion people in 2007 moreover their income was down in 2007 but they made a revenue record of $ 23 billion. As they have great brand image in market so to keep that brand image and that standard they always keep focusing on their strategies. Like in U.S. they are focusing on breakfast and chicken so, they launched new product for promotion which is southern style biscuit for breakfast and southern style chicken for lunch it attracts people a lot and in Europe their menu features premium selection and classic menu which offers a cheap or affordable meals and they also provide limited time food promotion moreover in Asia-pacific, middle east and in Africa their plan is to focus on convenience, breakfast and value.
And McDonald gives lots of importance to drive thru and continues they are getting success in this. To satisfy their customers they open their drive thru late night for late nighters who want quick bite of their meal. Moreover, McDonald is upgrading their restaurants with opening of Mccafe in all over world. And they mainly attract their customers through social media.
Marketing mix that McDonalds
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