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McDonald’s/Burger King Analysis

Sunny Kumar

McDonald’s and Burger King have competed as the top two fast food chains in the nation since the middle of the twentieth century. Both of these companies established a strategy built around delivering food at a fast pace and in a consistent quality. The cases at hand revolve around one McDonald’s and one Burger King, both located in Hillybourne, so as to provide a level backdrop to compare the two restaurants in more depth. This analysis will first compare and contrast the two Hillybourne operations; looking at their production process, strategy, and overall impact on competition, profit, and strategy. The second section of this analysis will compare the
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This speed comes at a price, however, as the burgers and fries may have to sit in the rack (inventory) for a long period of time, and lead to a lower-quality final product if the inventory is too high. On the flip side, if there is a rush, and not enough inventory, the process at McDonald’s may not be quick enough to adapt to the change in output needed. Finally, because the McDonald’s inventory is held at the end of the process, customization of products of orders is more difficult than at Burger King, and can make individual orders take significantly longer than would be typical. That being said, for people in a rush, there is no alternative to McDonald’s. Even in the Hillybourne example, the average time per customer from door to order received is over a minute difference in total time. While this may not seem like much, the ability to get more burgers out the door can mean significant differences in profit.
Burger King, on the other hand, utilizes a made to order system. In this process, the burger patties and fries are created, but they aren’t finalized until the customer actually makes their order. The advantage to this process is that the modification of individual orders and burgers is much simpler, since the burger isn’t constructed until the customer places their order. For example when someone orders a burger without onions at McDonald’s, the customer has to wait for a full round of hamburgers to be cooked from the beginning before
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