Mcdonald's Versus Papa John's

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McDonald 's versus Papa John 's During high school, I had the opportunity to gain valuable working experience. The first job that I ever had was working as a crew member at McDonald 's. At the beginning of my junior year in high school, McDonald 's hired me, and I continued to work there until I graduated. The following summer I obtained a job as a pizza delivery driver at Papa John 's, and I continue to work there today. There are many similarities and differences between McDonald 's and Papa John 's, but my personal work experiences have led me to the decision that Papa John 's is a better company than McDonald 's when comparing the product, compensation, and environment. A striking distinction between the two companies is the…show more content…
Order taking is much less complicated since there are fewer items to purchase. Customers still have a range of choices though, since there are different toppings available as well as two types of crust: original and thin. With less products on which to focus, Papa John 's has better quality and service than McDonald 's. Papa John 's has the advantage of having more time to devote to perfecting the products. Also, having fewer products allows Papa John 's to provide better service than McDonald 's as well. Both companies offer competitive compensation for a young adult, but in slightly different methods. McDonald 's pays beginning crew members minimum wage. At the present time, minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Being a full-time high school student, I was required to have a work permit and was limited in the amount of scheduled working hours I could receive. Paychecks were distributed every two weeks. To save money, McDonald 's offered direct deposit. In order to use this payment feature, I was required to give my superiors a check which was voided from my bank account. Even though I complied with this condition, unfortunately, the service was never initiated by employers. Instead, I was issued a payroll debit card from a bank I was unaware of, and my earnings were deposited onto the card without my consent. This forced form of payment
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