Mcdonald's a Good Image with Bad Ethics

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McDonald’s A Good Image with Bad Ethics By: Annette Annette MGT 112-500 09 December 20011 Introduction: McDonald’s is the company that I have chosen to research on their ethical choices. McDonald’s Corporation has been growing and spreading internationally for the past three decades. Although McDonald’s seems convenient, cheap, and so called clean there are many negative aspects of the business. In addition to paying their employees low wages and negatively impacting other cultures, and they also use to allow animals to be beaten and abused before being killed. McDonald’s promotes its positive image and products with greasy fries and a clown named Ronald McDonald. The unethical practices of this large fast food…show more content…
“Youth Labor 95 union, a non-governmental organization that promotes Taiwanese labor rights, noted that McDonald's wage raise to NT$95 per hour that started July 1 has actually lowered the overall pay and that its subsidiary regulations have breached the contract between the company and its employees.” (Source #4) This source from the China Post also stated "Even though the wages have been increased, McDonald's has made several revisions to the original contract without the employees' consent," said Chui Yu-fan a lawyer defending the union. (Source #4) Part of the violation of the employee contract was the annulment of free meals for employees. Which was later changed, to the employees’ having to pay half the original price and were not allowed to have these meals to go. Public Opinion: When I was a little girl anytime my parents and I would go to Champaign I would beg them to go eat at McDonald’s. I think my three favorite parts about eating there were getting chicken nuggets, the toy in the happy meal and playing in the play house, when I was all finished eating. The only time I hated being at McDonald’s was when they had Ronald McDonald there he
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