Mcdonald's and Burger King Essay

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• McDonald's has a goal of 100% total customer satisfaction£¬ this goal is not always attainable. McDonald's has a second company goal that sets them apart from most of their competitors.
• McDonald's customer service policy is laid out in the McDonald's Guarantee. They are more concerned with the quality of the service than the speed of the service. They then prepare that order while the customers wait.
• Employees were working at a rapid pace, but it seemed like they had no time for customers.
• The atmosphere was also very noisy. There was constant beeping, banging, and yelling coming from the service area. They did not provide a pleasant ambiance for customers to dine in.
• McDonald's communication and
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Usually whoever takes the order is also the same person to collect the money; however, a different person usually puts the order together for the customer.
4. Employee Motivation The motivation of both stores for employees to perform well is hard to ascertain from just observing, but it appears somewhat obvious. The people working in these establishments appear to have a lower social economic status, and the fact that a paycheck is coming at the end of the week may be the only motivation they have. The stores do have an employee of the month plaque on the wall, but it is doubtful that this is motivation to strive day in and day out for. There is also the fear of potentially losing their jobs if they perform sub standard.
5. Communication Both stores employed a very open communication policy. Employees were talking, sometimes shouting at one another to be heard. The management was openly involved in the employees routines and the employees felt no barriers to prevent their communication with the manager. Sometimes in both stores, there would be a break down in communication somewhere along the line and that would result in extended waiting times for customers and sometimes, screwed up orders.
6. Environment The environment at McDonald's and Burger King seems to be a simple, yet unstable one. It is apparent that the majority of people who work there, are not choosing their employment as a career option. Therefore, the
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