Mcdonald’s and Obesity

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__________________ MCDONALD’S AND OBESITY A case study ________________ Submitted by: Ma Alexandria Bulaon Submitted to: Professor George Fong SPGLOBMA_S71 September 25, 2012 I. CASE STUDY ANALYSIS A. Problems Obesity among children is increasing rapidly not only in the United States but throughout the nations around the globe.According to the reports made by the World Health Federation, an estimated 155 million children are believed to be overweight and 30 to 50 million of these children are said to be obese. Majority of the affected parties believed that the fast-food chains were part of this health crisis and even thought that the advertisements made by these…show more content…
There was also an outcry from the food industry about being so focused in these stricter rules when they believed that this is not the only solution to all of the health problems. 2. McDonald’s has been one of the main targets of the authorities in the issue of child obesity. Because of their children-focused advertisements and less healthy food products, they have been on the “hot seat” for several years. One of the biggest attacks they have received was from the documentary “Supersize Me”. To counter the bad publicity, McDonald’s used this opportunity to their advantage by launching a new campaign called “Changes” which featured healthier food choices from their menu including salads, free-range eggshells, fruits, and all-white-meat Chicken Selects. Unfortunately, this opportunity to showcase their ability to serve healthier menu choice wasn’t received very well. And to make matters worse, the fast-food chain continued to be on the defensive side but it did not bring them too much good. Their defensive article towards the documentary has retaliated when the film distributor issued and used the identical-looking ads in newspapers to promote the film instead. 3. The McDonald’s chain suffered from the bad publicity they were getting for several years but eventually recovered from the losses. The better outcome from the struggle between the
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