Mcdonalds and Starbucks

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McDonalds and Starbucks spend huge dollars developing their brand names and marketing initiatives domestically and internationally. How do you think McDonalds and Starbucks are able to establish their brands to fit local markets through architectural design of the stores, their e-commerce strategies and service to accommodate the local markets and culture?


McDonalds: McDonalds is a longtime leader in the fast food business. Since its opening in 1954 it has seen tremendous growth to about 30,000 plus restaurants and credit of serving about 43 million people in 100 different countries every day. The success and strategies of the company are celebrated often in the world media. The company had to focus on their core
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Brand value and marketing strategy: The initial approach of brand building for Starbucks is by enticing customers to visit their stores and enjoy the coffee. It has gained from word of mouth and cup by cup from customers and very appealing storefronts. During this period the company put all her resources into store expansion as it has seen influx of customers into its stores. Starbucks insisted on the customer experience on their visit to the stores. So they put great emphasis on store designs. The company came up unique design for their stores using touch stones colors- earth, water, air and fire that were supposed to evoke the coffee bean growth process. This in turn helped other designs such as round tables which give a casual feel to the customer. All together the design elements of the stores were impossible to emulate for the competition. (Birchall.J, 2005).They have four design concepts. They used regionally inspired furniture and culturally relevant fabrics to give calm and contemporary look for the past paced society. (“Storedeisgn”, 2012). E-commerce is a significant marketing tool in Starbucks strategy. It helps Starbucks in connecting with the customer. The company offers internet Wi-Fi in majority of its stores nationwide and even internationally. The Wi-Fi is an instant success at Starbucks as it is paying dividends already. (Tedechi.b, 2003). They have very active social network which helps the company to get direct input from the
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