Mcdonald’s vs. Burger King

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Situation Audit
Since 1954, McDonald’s has seemed to be invincible. They have demonstrated consistent quality throughout thousands of restaurants. McDonald’s has enforced operational standards effectively that controlled service, cleanliness, and other operating processes. They have consistently hired friendly employees that contributed to customer satisfaction. And they successfully focused upon a specific target market for over forty-two years, the family. McDonald’s has maintained an unremitting marketing strategy specifically designed to attract families that include products, pricing, site locations, and advertising and media efforts. All of these strategic initiatives have contributed to the historical success of the
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In 1995, international stores represented 38.5 percent of the number of stores worldwide. And in 1996, international stores provided 47 percent of sales and 54 percent of profits. Some might think the zest for market share came at a significant cost to profit and performance in the domestic market. Strict operational standards that controlled service, cleanliness and other operational aspects have contributed to the success of McDonald’s. Customer’s enjoyed the quality of food and the cleanliness of the restaurant. Sales associates were expected to be friendly. All of these standards contributed to high customer satisfaction Other controls contributing to McDonald’s success include a standardized menu and building standards. The standardize menu contributed to brand recognition. Customer’s knew what to expect when they entered any McDonald’s restaurant. Building standards not only help decrease building costs but also supported brand recognition. The development of playplaces enhanced the family image and targeted the traditional market segment. Customer perceptions of quality, value, service, and cleanliness declined significantly as confirmed in a national restaurant survey conducted in 1995. McDonald’s responded with a new quality control program. Franchising 2000 was designed to establish a new set of business practices directed at improving quality and customer satisfaction. The standards established strict standards such as

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