Mcdonough 's Market : Case Study

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McDonough’s Market McDonough’s Market was established on May 6, 1933; however, the building has been in existence since November 1, 1849. The following is the mission statement for McDonough’s Market: “McDonough 's Market is a family owned business since 1933. We specialize in grocery, custom cut meat, fresh produce, a wide selection of beer, wine, etc!”(Facebook, n.d.) The building was built by the Beaver Island Lumber Company. The company store has been through several types of businesses before becoming a supermarket. In 1973, additional space was built and a relationship with Spartan Stores began. Spartan Stores, now known as SpartanNash, provided shelving and set up and non-food products were added to the selection for purchase.…show more content…
I am presenting an opportunity for McDonough’s Market to contract services through their relationship with SpartanNash, to increase awareness through social media. SpartanNash has a digital/social media team that can improve the landing page and highlight the services McDonough’s Market has to offer. Additionally, creating a loyalty program for their current customers and target market will increase foot traffic to McDonough’s Marketing. Strategic Situation Summary The following is a summary of the planning strategy for McDonough’s Market. McDonough’s Market is currently located on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan. The current need for our market is social media awareness and a loyalty program for current and future customers. It has been determined to increase the customer base by attracting a specific demographic (Generation X) to visit the island. Environmental factors to consider is their competitors who are located on the mainland and who have developed an integrated marketing plan that has social media heavily involved. A challenge for this team will be the fact the store is located on the island, the cost of products and services will be higher due to importing the product up north and across the water. The competitors are the supermarkets located on mainland and within
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