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Minicase – The McGee Cake Company
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing the company organization from a sole proprietorship to a LLC?
The McGee Cake Company, currently operating as a sole proprietorship, may benefit from forming a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC is a comparatively new type of business entity. With an LLC there are reduced legal formalities in comparison to setting up a corporation. In addition, unlike a corporation, the McGees could set up an LLC yet remain the sole owners of the company. Another advantage as the owners of an LLC, the McGees are taxable only for personal income and not for the income of your LLC. Therefore, they would not pay double income tax. An LLC also has a long
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As a corporation, the McGees may be able to find new sources of funds for business development. Many people, including shareholders, could invest in the corporation. Finally, the corporation is the most reliable and trusted form of business entity. A possible downside to incorporation, the McGees may have to put up some of their private assets as a guarantee for the repayment of funds to financial institutions, if they are not found eligible for payment of money. Incorporation is not a small ordeal; it involves many legal formalities, laws, agreement documents, etc. It is necessary to prepare and revue all these documents carefully. Additionally, setting up the corporation will be an expensive task. There are good and bad aspects to a corporation in reference to taxes. With a corporation, the McGees will be taxable for self income, as well as for the corporation's revenue. However they will enjoy personal tax credits as with the sole proprietorship.
3. Ultimately, what action would you recommend the company undertake? Why?
After reviewing the pros and cons to LLC and corporation business structures, as well as the business strategy of the McGee Cake Company, I would recommend to Doc and Lyn that they form a corporation to move the company forward. Although initial set of a corporation up may be complicated and have some cost, the potential for the company is great. The scope of the possibility is what makes the corporation
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