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McGill University Health Center’s ambition to create a Super Hospital, which will be known as the Glen site, is extremely admirable. This will be done through the unification of six different institutions; the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute, the Cedars Cancer Centre and the Research Institute of the MUHC. We, SNC-Lavalin, would be honored to take it upon ourselves to construct such a complex and innovative project. As a construction company and as members of the community, we believe that this project should be approved and through our experience, best interests for the local community and well-thought-out plans, we believe that we are more than qualified to complete such an immense…show more content…
We have successfully completed numerous large-scale projects, some of which have been tasked by provincial governments themselves, such as the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick known as Route 2 (Trans-Canada Highway Infrastructure, 2016). This particular project not only served its purpose in facilitating transportation, but has also served as an extremely safe, secure and efficient route for economic development (Government of New Brunswick, 2007). Another major project that we have successfully completed is the Canada metro line in Vancouver, British Columbia. This major transportation line consisted of sixteen metro stations and connects to the Expo and Millennium lines as well as many bus routes (Transit 101, 2017). Other noticeable projects completed by SNC-Lavalin include the Goreway Power Station, The Ambatovy Nickel Project, the William R. Bennett Bridge and many more projects, all of which have followed our ethical values and code of ethics (Highlights of the SNC-Lavalin Ethics, 2016). In short, we are a world-renowned corporation flourishing with the resources and skills to successfully complete major projects, while heavily prioritizing safety, security and ethical principles.
In addition, our construction team has gone above and beyond in creating the perfect hospital plans that will ensure comfort and privacy for all

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