Mcgregor's Xy Theory

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Karl Nagra Karl Nagra Lecturers Name: Graham Orr Management & eBusiness Due Date: 27 April 2012 McGregor’s XY Theory In 1960, American social psychiatrist, Douglas McGregor wrote a book titled ‘The Human Side Of Enterprise’. It was in this book that McGregor first proposed his famous XY theory. McGregor’s XY Theory is a type of motivational management. McGregor’s theory is incredibly simple yet effective. Most of the fundamental elements of the XY Theory rely solely on how the manager views their employees. Even though McGregor’s theory is over fifty years old, it is still relevant today. Authors have tried to modernise the theory but the basics remain the same. Laurie J. Mullins describes Theory X type workers as having an “Instrumental…show more content…
Perception can now become an issue. For example a if a manager has experience with an organisation of primarily managing X type workers. If they are then promoted or moved to a position which requires a Theory Y type management style, they are likely to take time to adjust to this new style. During this adjustment phase, the workers under their control will start to perceive the manager as “a poor listener, seeking culprits for failures, holding on to responsibility but shifting accountability to subordinates…” (Allan Chapman, Once this perception is made, it will be very difficult to undo and can be damaging to the workers. This can also work to the opposite. If the manager begins to put trust into people that can handle it, the workers can start to perceive that their job roles are more important than they actually are. This, in an already predominantly Y type worker, this can cause the worker to become more motivated and willing to do work. The website dictates three ways to improve a workers performance. These are, “Enlarge the Role: by increasing the scope of a team member’s role you add variety and creative opportunities, meeting their ego needs, and thus subtly encouraging them to work harder. Engage: participate closely and be transparent with the team on all major decisions. By providing the team with influence over the decisions made you allow them to
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